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The products of Maksim T.

Maksim T. Freelancer. Developer. My name is Maksim (in the Web my nickname is Maksim T. or zapalm). I'm self-employed developer with more than 10 years of experience. I know PrestaShop CMS very well. I have developed much modules and most of them are on this site. I'm also contribute to OpenSource ( You will make the right choice if you will buy my module or service ;)
Today is Wednesday, 05:51 and it is a working day for the developer.
For a current time the developer not at work (offline).
Working hours of the developer: 10:00 - 19:00 (UTC +10:00).

PrestaShop upgrade to newest 1.6, 1.7 [by Maksim T., 4 hours]
Upgrade PrestaShop 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 or oldest to newest PrestaShop 1.6, 1.7. Performed by: Maksim T.
103,99 €
PrestaShop data exchange with 1C:Enterprise
Integrates PrestaShop with «1C:Enterprise 8» to enable a data exchange between these systems (products, orders, etc).
79,99 €
Installing PrestaShop [by Maksim T., 1 hour]
Installing PrestaShop on the hosting offered by you or recommended by us. Performed by: Maksim T.
25,99 €
One working hour of PrestaShop programmer [by Maksim T., 1 hour]
One working hour of professional programmer of PrestaShop. Performed by: Maksim T.
25,99 €
Viewing product combinations in a table
Displays combinations with different prices in a table. Intended for wholesale and regular buyers. Increases the average cart value.
19,99 €
Product price range (max and min prices)
The module allows to display a range of product prices in any format and in any place.
19,99 €
Sort products in-stock first
Moves products that are unavailable for sale to the end of the lists on different pages or blocks, respecting the configured sorting.
19,99 €
Automated currency switch
Provides an automated change a currency and a language for a client in accordance with your settings.
19,99 €
Mailing newsletter
Sends e-mails to subscribers and reminds them of an abandoned cart, stimulating them to complete the order.
19,99 €
E-Mails templates editor
Easy editor of all E-mail templates of your shop. It helps you change and create individual style.
19,99 €
Delivery by PickPoint
Adds PickPoint delivery method for regions of Russia. This module only for Russia.
19,99 €
TopDelivery Widget
Adds TopDelivery service widget and delivery method for regions of Russia.
19,99 €
RoboKassa payment
Accept payments by bank cards, online banking, e-money, mobile operators and instant payment terminals.
19,99 €
Hello, customer
Mails to a customer a message about leaving a comment for purchased products.
14,99 €
«Grid» for «Viewing product combinations in a table» module
The template for the module, designed to display in the form of a grid of combinations that are made by two attributes, for example, size and color.
9,99 €
Call back to customer
Capture customers you may lost when employees are busy or a work day is over. Let them order a free call back.
9,99 €
Simple news block
A simple module for creating and managing news with the necessary and sufficient set of functions.
9,99 €
PrestaShop consultation [by Maksim T., 10 minutes]
PrestaShop consultation (discussion and solution of your questions). Performed by: Maksim T.
3,99 €
Sapient solution (Sape)
Adds a block to display Sape advertisement links.
Security vulnerability checker
The library and the tool to check PrestaShop for known vulnerabilities.
PrestaShop password recovery tool
Easy to use tool for employee password recovery with no knowledge required about database and programming.
Helper classes for PrestaShop
Full documented helper classes for PrestaShop CMS.
PrestaShop diagnostic tool
This is PrestaShop diagnostic tool (and the library) that helps to find problems with a server configuration.
Customer geo-position provider
User geo-position (geo-location) provider with the map example.
Products simple filter
Allows to filter products by attributes and by other features.
JavaScript code addition helper
Adds any JavaScript code, for example, analytic counter, advertisement or other script (HTML code is also can be added).
Custom contents
Adds a custom text to different places of a site (homepage, category pages).
Displays banners on a homepage and on the top of each page.
Pre-order form
Allows to display the pre-order form for a product that is out of stock.
Store contacts
Displays store contact information in a block, footer and separate page.
Authentication block
A module that allows to display the authentication block.
Joomla VirtueMart to PrestaShop migration
The script to migrate from Joomla VirtueMart to PrestaShop.
Delivery by Boxberry
Adds Boxberry delivery method for regions of Russia. This module only for Russia.
Selling gift vouchers
The module allows selling gift vouchers.
Categories on the homepage
Highlight categories on homepage to make featured categories of your store.
JivoChat - more than Live Chat
Turn your website visitors into paying customers with JivoChat. Integrations with other popular apps and more!
Orders Editor 1.0
Multifunctional module for editing existent orders (only for PrestaShop 1.3 and 1.2).
Tool for maintenance & debug
Diagnoses a site software and checks for vulnerabilities, displays maintenance messages and manages the debug mode.
Specials block (zapalm version)
Adds a block with current products Specials. In this version you will found two new options: you can set the number of products to be displayed in this block and you can turn on/off the showing random specials.
New products block (zapalm version)
Add a block that displaying the shop's newly added products. In this version you will found a new design and a new option: you can turn on/off the showing random new products.
Top sellers block (zapalm version)
Add a block that displaying the shop's top sellers. In this version you will found a new design and two new options: you can set the number of products to be displayed in this block and you can turn on/off the showing random top sellers.
Enhanced featured products on homepage
Allows displaying featured products on homepage and has flexible settings.
Enhanced import tool
Imports categories, products, balances, comments, combinations, customers, manufacturers, suppliers, addresses. Supports Excel XML format.
Special offer block in the product page
The module allows you to display a special offer on the product page. It is the module for crossselling.
Tabular products filter
Allows you to filter all catalog products and display them in a table.
Orders Editor 2.0
Multifunctional module for editing existent orders (only for PrestaShop 1.4).
Tool against directory traversal security vulnerability
PHP auto indexer: the tool against directory traversal (observing) security vulnerability. It recursively adds a index.php file in all given directories.