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Price on request
With this module, the client can agree on a reasonable price for the goods of the store with the administrator.
4,99 €
Product features icons
The module allows you to visualize the properties (features) of the product, by adding an individual icon to each property.
3,99 €
Tool against directory traversal security vulnerability
PHP auto indexer: the tool against directory traversal (observing) security vulnerability. It recursively adds a index.php file in all given directories.
Extended Affiliate Program RefPRO
The Professional Affiliate Program module allows you to organize a classical multi-level affiliate program in the store.
36,99 €
User internal balance UserBalance
With this module, store customers can fill up in advance personal account and immediately pay from it all purchases in the store.
11,99 €
Security vulnerability checker
The library and the tool to check PrestaShop for vulnerabilities.