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Extended Affiliate Program RefPRO
The Professional Affiliate Program module allows you to organize a classical multi-level affiliate program in the store.
28,79 €
- 20%
User internal balance UserBalance
With this module, store customers can fill up in advance personal account and immediately pay from it all purchases in the store.
9,59 €
- 20%
Security vulnerability checker
The library and the tool to check PrestaShop for vulnerabilities.
Configuring 1C:Enterprise data exchange with PrestaShop
Configuring 1C:Enterprise data exchange using the module from this site «PrestaShop data exchange with 1C:Enterprise».
13,99 €
One working hour of PrestaShop or ThirtyBees programmer
One working hour of professional programmer of PrestaShop or ThirtyBees.
25,99 €
Simple One Page Checkout
Easy-to-use and powerful tool-one page checkout with the ability to simplify the registration process.
10,99 €
Quick order for PrestaShop 1.6
The module adds a quick order button in the shopping cart and on the item card with the opening form of a simple checkout in one click and automatic registration of the customer.
10,99 €
Product video
Display videos from Youtube or Vimeo on the selected item page.
10,99 €
Product combination features CombiFeatures
This module allows you to assign a different short/full description and features for each combination of product in the store.
7,19 €
- 20%
HrefLang - localized versions of pages
This module allows to optimize your multilingual store for search engines. It helps search crawlers correctly recognize the store pages, translated to different languages.
2,79 €
- 30%