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Viewing product combinations in a table
Displays combinations with different prices in a table. Intended for wholesale and regular buyers. Increases the average cart value and encourage visitors to complete orders.
24,99 €
Product price range (max and min prices)
The module displays a price range for each product in different pages.
24,99 €
Delivery by Boxberry
Adds Boxberry delivery method for regions of Russia.
24,99 €
«Grid» for «Viewing product combinations in a table» module
The template for the module, designed to display in the form of a grid of combinations that are made by two attributes, for example, size and color.
39,99 €
PrestaShop data exchange with 1C:Enterprise
Integrate s PrestaShop with « 1C:Enterprise 8» to enable data exchange between these systems (products, orders, etc).
99,99 €
RoboKassa payment
Accept payments by bank cards, online banking, e-money, mobile operators and instant payment terminals.
24,99 €
Delivery by PickPoint
Adds PickPoint delivery method for regions of Russia.
24,99 €
Sort products in-stock first
Moves out-of-stock products to the end of product lists regardless of sorting: product pages and blocks.
39,99 €
Extended Affiliate Program RefPRO
The Professional Affiliate Program module allows you to organize a classical multi-level affiliate program in the store.
36,99 €
Delete language prefix
The module removes language prefixes for the default language of your store.
4,99 €
Price on request
With this module, the client can agree on a reasonable price for the goods of the store with the administrator.
4,99 €
Call back to customer
Capture customers you may lost when employees are busy or a work day is over. Let them order a free call back.
24,99 €
E-Mails templates editor
Easy editor of all E-mail templates of your shop. It helps you change and create individual style.
24,99 €
Mailing newsletter
Newsletter mailer and Abandoned cart reminder.
24,99 €
User internal balance UserBalance
With this module, store customers can fill up in advance personal account and immediately pay from it all purchases in the store.
11,99 €
One working hour of PrestaShop or ThirtyBees programmer
One working hour of professional programmer of PrestaShop or ThirtyBees.
25,99 €
Simple One Page Checkout
Easy-to-use and powerful tool-one page checkout with the ability to simplify the registration process.
10,99 €
Automated currency switch
The module provide an automated currency change and displays additional prices of product in different currencies near the price in a default currency.
24,99 €
Adding products by users Pro
With this module, any customer can become a seller and offer his/her products to sell in your store.
33,99 €
Duplicate order
The module allows you to duplicate any order of the store in two clicks, with the possibility of editing it in the process.
4,99 €
HrefLang - localized versions of pages
This module helps search crawlers correctly recognize the store pages, translated to different languages.
3,99 €
Quick order for PrestaShop 1.6
The module adds a quick order button in the shopping cart and on the item card with the opening form of a simple checkout in one click and automatic registration of the customer.
10,99 €
Quick order for PrestaShop 1.7
The module adds a quick order button in the shopping cart and on the item card with the opening form of a simple checkout in one click .
10,99 €
Blocking bots and users
Blocking login to the site for users or robots by IP and user-agent. Stop bot.
11,99 €
Simple news block
Simple and cheap news manager.
14,99 €
Product combination features CombiFeatures
This module allows you to assign a different short/full description and features for each combination of product in the store.
8,99 €