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Terms and conditions of use

There three kinds of licenses (see a module’s data sheet section for it).

I. Proprietary license with copy-protection

  • After payment of a module I am sending the module at the specified E-mail.
  • You get the right to use the module in domains entered in the purchase order.
  • Maximum allowed domains are two  (plus one subdomain for testing, i.e. three in total) for each copy of the module.
  • You can use the module in only yours websites.
  • All minor updates of the module you will get free. To update module to the new major version is paid. The cost of this upgrade is full price of the new module major version. Information about the new version of the module is publishing on news section, forums or by E-mail.
  • A handling part of the module is encrypted.
  • You should not try to decode encrypted parts of the module for modification, distribution or resale.

II. Proprietary license without copy-protection

This license is like Addons official license.

III. «Open source license»

Open Software License (OSL 3.0) or other similar.