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Marketplace commission reduced to 5%


We decided to greatly reduce the commission that we take from the sales of a vendor components. Now it is 5%, and was 15%. We hope that this move will motivate vendors to join our marketplace. We believe that all parties will benefit from this - vendors, buyers and our marketplace.

We have never had hidden commissions and paid services, so each vendor (seller) always receives all the money earned from sales, only minus our commission. If we compare our marketplace with the official PrestaShop marketplace (, then in terms of commissions we have a big advantage: the commission on is calculated from 40% and can even be 50% when a component is sold directly through the PrestaShop back-office. And in the case when a vendor makes a discount on, then its final percentage of sales becomes much less. Also, in order to withdraw money from, a vendor needs a bank account, upon withdrawal to which a fixed commission of 20 euros will also be taken from it (for each withdrawal).

We invite developers (vendors) to publish their modules, templates, scripts and services on our marketplace!

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