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Module Viewing product combinations in a table
for PrestaShop 8, 1.7, 1.6

Displays combinations with different prices in a table. Intended for wholesale and regular buyers. Increases the average cart value.
19,99 €

About author

Maksim T.
Maksim T.
Works since 2010.
Products: 47.


The customer service for this component does not include free personal consultations. Only business offers and important information are accepted.


Short description

Allows to display combinations (variations) of a product as a table. In so doing each column corresponds to an attribute (for example: color, size, material). The module also allows to filter combinations by attributes. The table is displayed on a product page. This module is not only for Color and Size attributes! It displays any combinations with various attributes in the table. The module simply has additional options specialized for Size and Color attributes.

The benefits for customers

The module presents information about product combinations (variations) in a more comfortable way because the table is one of the best ways to structure the data. This approach allows a customer to better perceive the information about product, its prices and discounts. So, that builds a customer loyalty.

The benefits for merchants

The module has many features. These features help you to configure the module for your web-shop without help of a developer. See the Features section to see the full list of features.

The module increases the average cart value and encourage visitors to complete purchases because it has special features to help a customer to buy more product quantity and get much discount:

  • feature to display quantity discounts (for example, buy 2+ quantity to get 5%, buy 4+ quantity to get 10%, and so on); these quantity discounts can be displayed in additional columns or in the price column
  • dynamically display changing in cost when a customer clicks +/- buttons of a combination in the table

The module is suitable for all online stores with products that have many combinations (variations), as well as for stores that are deal with wholesalers. The module has special features for wholesalers:

  • adding several different combinations of the same product by one button to the cart
  • selling a pack of a product (with this option, for example, when a customer up a product combination quantity then this quantity multiplied by the property of minimal quantity of this combination)

The module has template management feature. With this feature the module's templates can be customized without changing code that is suitable for update.


The module has a normal installation (one click to install) and it is easy to configure. There are several options for customization (see the manual). The manual contains information for an experienced user or a programmer for customization of this module.


  1. You may to set or to unset different columns for the table (for example: reference, price, weight, color).
  2. You may to set extra columns for the table (customization).
  3. The module adds additional columns for each quantity discount when discount by quantity is available for combinations; or you may configure to display quantity discounts in the price column (it is mostly the wholesaler's feature and the feature to increase the average cart value).
  4. A customer may add to the cart several different combinations of the same product by one button (it is mostly the wholesaler's feature).
  5. A customer may to filter combinations of a product by attributes (for example: by color, by size).
  6. The filter attributes will be displayed in columns automatically if they are too many.
  7. Calculation for a price summary for each row of the table (i.e., for each combination when quantity is more the one item) when clicking +/- buttons; with this also displayed total price.
  8. Selling a pack of product (with this option, for example, when a customer up a product combination quantity then this quantity multiplied by the property of minimal quantity of this combination). It is mostly the wholesaler's feature.
  9. You may to apply different templates to the table and to the filter's block (templates management feature). The distribution includes three templates - two for the filter’s block and one for the table.
  10. You may to set places where you want to place the table and the filter’s block (hooks management feature).
  11. You may to sort columns of attributes or you may to hide some of them.
  12. Sorting of the table column values and also sorting of attribute values in the filter block. There are several sorting methods: sorting numbers, sorting by clothes size (i.e.: S, M, L, XL), by attribute sorting position, by reference, by weight, by remains (stock quantities), by price and by general sorting method (this is the string comparison algorithm used by default and it is more or less suitable for all kinds of values).
  13. You may to enable the block of product availability indicators that is intended to explain which of the combinations are available for purchase (when combination is in-stock, out-of-stock or back-ordering is allowed).
  14. You may to configure when and how to display the table. For example: do not show the table if there are no combinations; hide combinations with an incomplete set of attributes; display the table for concrete categories in which product pages should display the table (or not display for concrete categories).
  15. You may to configure to show the table in the tab like in PrestaShop 1.5 (it is useful for many PrestaShop 1.6 themes without build-in tabs but uses an additional module for that).
  16. It's possible to make a condition in a shop's theme for displaying a default block with combinations (or other blocks) when the table cannot be displayed (for example, disabled for a smartphones).
  17. You may configure the column of color attribute, for example, show color name or color thumbnail box or show both; set the size of a color thumbnail box.
  18. And other options (see screenshots of the settings page) and Other section of this page.


Available hooks:

  1. Product Footer
  2. Product Tab (PrestaShop 1.6) or Product Extra Content (PrestaShop 1.7)
  3. Extra Right *
  4. Extra Left *
  5. Content Product (it is the custom hook, that can be placed almost to any place of a product page - see the manual for installation instruction)

* In PrestaShop 1.6 (the default theme or may be others), a content displays differently in specified hooks. Both hooks have a position to the right of the main picture, and a placed content in Extra Right hook is higher than a content of Extra Left. In PrestaShop 1.7 (the default theme or may be others), a content in specified hooks is not displayed by default, because columns containing these hooks are disabled by default, but they can be enabled in the theme settings (so Extra Right and Extra Left hooks are not suitable for PrestaShop 1.7).

Additional templates:

Frequently asked questions

  1. The view of the module is not responsive as you can check on the demo. The module uses another approach: you can configure to display the default block with combinations and hide the table, and vice versa. I am convinced that for most cases this approach is better then displaying a set of blocks (i.e., "responsive" table). The default block of combinations is more suitable for most users than a set of blocks.
  2. There is no backoffice demo. There are the frontoffice demo, the detailed description and the video. You can ask any question before buying.
  3. The module do not manage combinations (insert, update or remove), it is just displays combinations in a table. This module works only with combinations (attributes and attribute groups).
  4. To insert HTML text before or after the table use Content Box free module:
  5. The module can be translated as usual using the default translation tool of PrestaShop: International / Translations. The module is multilingual by default. The module is translated to 100% only in English, but less to other languages.
  6. The module is supports multi-shop feature by default.
  7. Do you have questions about placing the table into a custom position on a product page? Read the manual to get example.
  8. Is it possible to paginate the table? No, but there is an alternative solution. See the filter setting. You can set initial (default) values for the filter.


Website demo for PrestaShop 1.7
Website demo for PrestaShop 1.6

Demo video clip (v3.0.0):

Data sheet

  • Compatible with versions of PrestaShop: 8, 1.7, 1.6
  • Compatible with versions of PHP: 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  • PHP options "auto_prepend_file" and "auto_append_file": must be disabled
  • Requires ionCube extension for PHP: 10.3.9 or newer
  • Installation: normal
  • Uses PrestaShop classes override system: yes
  • Core modifications: no
  • Includes a documentation: yes
  • Includes free consultations: no
  • Translated into languages: EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, RU, SK
  • Version: 3.27.3 (2023-12-09)
  • License: Proprietary license for closed-source software
  • Product type: Module
Burak S. 07/8/2024 23:40:56

Great Module ! Thanks for support...

Gordon P. 02/10/2022 12:27:06

I have been a user of this module since 2019.
Without a single complaint, Maksim has always replied to all our questions and offered his full support to get the module working as we wished. Very professional. Thank you. Keep it up.

Jordi G. 01/11/2022 19:00:29

This module is really helpful. It has made my website very straightforward. I love it! And the developer is highly recomended, too. Thanks for making this.

Angel L. 12/9/2020 19:45:41

Amazing module with a lot of options!
Thank you very much!

Covasa 12/2/2020 19:35:09

I have a b2b site with a lot of product full of technical attributes, and this module has make possible all the info appears clean and easy to order for clients. The continous updates and the great and fast support make this module a must for proffesional sites.

Luis J. 11/5/2020 02:17:22

We have purchased this module for our b2b clothing store. We researched a lot to find a good developer and this is the best without any doubt. The support is great and super fast! Highly recommended, thank you!!

Darius G. 05/12/2020 23:49:21

Thanks, Maksim,
for the module! It works well for me, and after playing around with making changes of number of column, I found optimal look of the table for my needs.
And Maksim's support speed - he was faster answering my questions than I was asking! Highly professional - highly recommend!

Pedro D. 04/8/2020 11:41:31

This is an amazing module for B2B sales. It is a very configurable module.
Very surprised by the excellent support, questions are answered very quickly. Fully recommended!

Jean-Louis B. 04/3/2020 21:15:57

This is the best module ever met for my website!!!!
The only way to sell on B2B with the new template, it'ssss just amazing.
Support is the best!
Many thanks to Maksim for this module!

Tony G. 04/2/2020 19:29:51

Really usefull module for show a lot of combinations, very easy of customize and fast and good support!

Gordon P. 03/9/2020 13:40:48

Thank you so much for this great Module. Maksim, the developer, has been really helpful and his support is superb.
Whenever I needed any assistance his was quick to reply.
Keep it up.
From Continental Clothing Japan.

Martin U. 11/6/2019 20:07:19

I have bought the module in 2014 and now I use this module already in two my sites. There are not many modules like this with so much functions! I am very pleased with this module.The module includes everything I need. The biggest advantage over other modules is the perfect support! With Maksim, I solved a lot of problems related with my additional functions. Maksim has always help me over these years of module usage. The module is perfect especially with the super support from its creator! Thank you.

Giles V. 10/11/2019 17:35:07

Excellent module! Great support!

Maksim T. 07/5/2019 13:09:37

A minor release of the v3.19.0 module have done in which three most long-awaited improvements were made:
1) Added options for sorting values ​​in columns and now there are eight sorting methods.
2) Improved price formatting of a total price of each combinations and a total price for all combinations.
3) Improved the calculation of a price of a combination (product) with quantity discounts when presence of various effects on a discount.
See the changelog to find out all the changes included in the release.
I have spent as much as 45 days for this release during daily full day work with switching to current affairs ;( The most difficult part of the module is discounts by quantity, as you can easily get lost in complex algorithms and methods for charging discounts and markups, which are implemented in PrestaShop.

Maria G. 04/4/2019 00:55:38

I have been a user of the module for 4 years (since 2015), I want to congratulate you because the module was very useful for the site: where it is integrated perfectly into the template and in the cart module with some graphic customizations of the table without any problem.
Thank you very much for your work.

Maksim T. 01/28/2019 11:10:15

Hello, Andrei.
Because the module apply the general sorting algorithm which is suitable for sorting most values (numeric and non-numeric). I am planning to improve sorting feature in the next releases (I already have some ideas). If you have concrete ideas, new options to add for sorting, tell me about it by the feedback form.

Andrei 01/26/2019 00:40:47

Thank you for making this module.
I'm having a problem sorting attributes by value. For example a 3(diameter) by10 (lenght) bolt is displayed before the 3x6 one. Please help.

Maksim T. 12/28/2018 18:55:13

Hello, Hacim.
Are you asking about configuring the filter block for Dropdown list to choose attributes? You can choose this template in the module's settings. Check the screenshots and the demo.
Please, ask exactly and clearly what you need! Use the link to contact with me via feedback, but not via the comment.
Thanks for the interest.

Hacim 12/28/2018 06:14:12

here is a link with an example of what we wish :
is it possible with your module?

Maksim T. 11/20/2018 17:51:40

The same rules are applied for all customers: maximum allowed web-shop domains are two (plus a one subdomain for a testing, i.e. three in total) for each copy of the module (see Terms and conditions of use).
It is not translated to Persian language. You can do it yourself by the default translation tool of PrestaShop.

Stranger 11/20/2018 17:35:58


Is there any limit to using this module on Iranian sites?
and Does the module support Persian language?

Maksim T. 06/4/2018 09:04:38


Yes, it is the same. But licenses is different. Learn the license of the Addons and the license if this marketplace.

Erik 06/1/2018 18:07:35

Hello, I'm interested in this module. Is this the same that I have seen on the ADDON shop of Prestashop at double of the price?

Maksim T. 02/23/2018 13:08:36


The first point is not supported. I don't understand why to add products features to the table.
Yours 2-3 points is available now.

Marc 12/8/2017 03:36:24

For prestashop can you adapt your module?
1 Have the ability to choose and display product features
2 Have the possibility to display decreasing tariffs according to quantities
3 Add to basket with multiple quantities
here is a link with an example of what we wish

Dnn 12/2/2015 11:17:46

I have been the first customer of this module. I have started using this module since 2010. It has everything we need. The good developer and module. Thanks ;)

Musn 12/12/2011 02:22:38

I recommend this module, The developer also very helpful and helped me to integrate it in my store. Thanks!

Ysco 11/13/2010 13:58:26

Great module! It is getting better and better, also thanks for the great support you give.

v0.9.0 (2010-10-31)
	+ the first release of the module for PrestaShop 1.2-1.3
v1.4.8 (2012-11-25)
	+ new column: supplier reference
	+ some code improvements
v1.4.9 (2012-12-16)
	+ the "Product price" column with tax inc. was not shows for a product without combinations
v2.0.0 (2012-12-18)
	+ a filter by attributes was added
	+ new column: "Product preview image" and preview feature in a pop-up window
	+ group attributes columns now may be set to hide
	+ adding PrestaShop 1.5 support
v2.1.0 (2013-01-10)
	+ adding hook settings
	+ problem with translation sending feature was fixed
	+ some code improvements
v2.2.0 (2013-10-30)
	+ fixed a problem with product availability indicators in PrestaShop 1.5
	+ make changes to hide some table columns if a product is not available for order and if
	  product's "Show price" option is inactive
	+ small changes in translations and CSS files
v2.2.1 (2013-01-09)
	+ attribute group name was replaced by attribute group public name to display in the table
v2.3.0 (2014-02-15)
	+ added an option to disallow displaying a product combination when it is out of stock
	+ added an option to show only a part of product's combinations with initial filtering
	+ added sorting feature for filtering attributes on a product page
	+ slightly improved user interface of module's settings page
	+ small changes in the module's translations
	+ multiple small changes in the code to improve it
v2.4.0 (2014-04-20)
	+ excluding PrestaShop 1.2 support
	+ adding PrestaShop 1.6 support
	+ some code improvements
	+ some improvements in the user interface
	+ small changes in the module's translations
v2.4.1 (2014-08-22)
	+ fixed a problem: a pop-up window for previewing images was not shows (PrestaShop 1.6)
	+ fixed a problem: thumbnails for images are not shows after click to a specific
	+ specific improvements for a better support PrestaShop 1.6 and it's bootstrap
v2.5.0 (2014-09-01)
	+ new option (for a wholesaler): batch mode for adding product combinations to the cart
	+ new option (for experts): display data fields from data base tables as columns in the
	  table of product combinations
	+ new options for columns: EAN13 and UPC
	+ new option: managing module's templates
	+ new option: hide combinations that do not have a full set of attributes
	+ new option: enable/disable Ajax feature to add products to the cart
	+ multiple changes in the code to improve it
	+ now is not need to change ajax-cart.js file to enable Ajax feature for adding products
	  to the cart
	+ some improvements in the user interface of front-office and back-office
	+ changed a set of files of the module
	+ some changes in the module's translations
v2.5.1 (2014-10-01)
	+ modified a set of styles to aid of customizing
	+ small changes in the module's work styling
	+ documentation of style set
	+ some changes in the module's translations
v2.6.0 (2014-11-05)
	+ new option: do not display if a customer using a mobile or/and tablet
	+ some changes in the module's translations
v2.6.1 (2014-11-28)
	+ fixed a problem: can not add products to the cart when the batch mode is enabled for a
	  guest customer
v2.6.2 (2015-01-24)
	+ some changes in the module's setting (subscription to news)
v2.7.0 (2015-02-01)
	+ new option: added a new option to "Hook usings" setting; to install a new custom hook
	  (ContentProduct) added the instruction to the manual
v2.7.1 (2015-02-21)
	+ some code improvements
v2.7.2 (2015-02-24)
	+ table style detection for a different PrestaShop versions
v2.7.3 (2015-03-01)
	+ module's directory structure was changed
	+ 'backward compatibility' submodule was updated
	+ some code improvements
v2.7.4 (2015-03-15)
	+ multiple changes in files to improve a code
	+ some changes in the module's translations
v2.7.5 (2015-03-19)	
	+ fixed a validation problem when batch mode is used
	+ fixed a problem with 'add to cart' link generation when 'Friendly URL' is used
v2.8.0 (2015-03-26)
	+ new option: added a new option to "Hook usings" setting - ProductTab
v2.8.1 (2015-04-03)
	+ fixed a problem in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6 with displaying a supplier reference
	+ if there are several supplier for a one combination then all references will be shown
	  in the column
v2.8.2 (2015-08-04)
	+ fixed a problem in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6 with displaying message about discount like
	  "One unit quantity price lowered by 0,00 €"
	+ added highlighting for a price with discount of a combination
v2.9.0 (2015-09-23)
	+ new option: show product prices and discount in the same column
	+ the message about discount "One unit quantity price lowered by X €" now is displaying
	  only for a product without combinations
v2.9.1 (2016-05-14)
	+ SQL-query optimization for getting suppliers references
	+ SQL-query optimization for getting reduction amount
v2.9.5 (2016-11-17)
	+ added a new option to set default values for the filter attributes
	+ removed message about discount "One unit quantity price lowered by X €"
	+ added two options to show or not a previous price and a discount amount; both previous
	  price and discount amount now are always display in the same column with current price
	+ added CSS-files both for PrestaShop bootstrap (1.6) and PrestaShop non-bootstrap (1.3-1.5);
	  improved style of quantity choose block (only PrestaShop 1.6)
	+ added selector of languages to send translation
v2.9.6 (2017-01-15)
	+ fixed problem with the table displaying in the product tab (PrestaShop 1.6).
	+ added a new option to configure redirection after batch adding products.
	+ updated translation
	+ some code improvements
v2.9.9 (2017-05-21)
	+ new option: enable/disable feature to show appropriate combination image when clicking on
	  thumbnail (earlier it was impossible to disable)
	+ improved client-side validation of product quantity when a customer clicks buttons +/- or
	  when input quantity manually to appropriate field; also with this the maximum quantity
	  always be the in-stock quantity (except when ordering out of stock products is allowed)
	+ improved server-side validation of product quantity when the module option "batch mode"
	  is enabled; with this the module adds maximum product quantity if a customer input more
	  than in-stock quantity (except when ordering out of stock products is allowed) and the
	  module adds minimum quantity if a customer input less than minimum quantity required by
	  a product or a combination
	+ improved SQL-query for getting product combinations remains when multi-shop is enabled
	+ updated Italian translation (partially)
	+ reformatted PHP-code to PSR 1/2
v2.9.10 (2017-09-24)
	+ improvement: a buy button and a quantity input field will be hidden when catalog mode
	  is activated
v2.9.11 (2017-10-12)
	+ added the main image for a product without combinations; there was the image "No picture"
v2.9.12 (2017-11-05)
	+ now images for combinations displays with accordance of images sorting positions
	+ sql-query optimization for getting combinations
v2.9.13 (2017-12-21)
	+ fixed wrong JSDoc that breaks a JS (the problem in release build)
v3.0.0 (2018-02-24)
	+ added support PrestaShop 1.7 and removed support PrestaShop 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
	+ improved the module setting page interface; now it is the same for PrestaShop 1.6, 1.7, more
	  friendly and has more suggestions
	+ added calculation for price summary for each row of the table (i.e., for each combination when
	  quantity is more than one item) when clicking +/- buttons; with this also displayed total price
	+ new column: ISBN (exists only in PrestaShop 1.7)
	+ added the option to set the size of a color box (for color attributes)
	+ added the option to display the table for concrete categories in which product pages should
	  display the table (or not display for concrete categories)
	+ added sorting by values of a primary attribute column
	+ added additional columns for each quantity discount
	+ removed options for displaying columns: product name, product description, wholesale price
	+ removed options for price displaying with tax or not; now it automatically calculating by the
	  settings of the PrestaShop
	+ removed options: display previous price and discount value by currency; now they display
	  automatically, but the discount value will be in percents
	+ removed option that disables Ajax-adding product to the cart; now it is by default
	+ added suggestion for a customer, what the minimal quantity is required to buy the combination
	+ added smooth scrolling to the table or filter block after page reloading 
	+ templates names of the module now may contain the PrestaShop version (see readme for update 
	  from 2.x version to 3.x version of the module)
	+ styled button for batch adding combinations to the cart; now it is more friendly;
	+ removed horizontal line that was placed after table
	+ added center alignment by vertical for content in the tables cells
	+ added dash for empty cells
	+ removed row wrapping in some columns of the table
	+ updated Russian and English translations
	+ significant code improvements
v3.0.1 (2018-03-07)
	+ fixed a problem will adding products to the cart in PrestaShop 1.6 when quantity column
	  is enabled
v3.2.0 (2018-03-28)
	+ added the option to show both color name and color thumbnail
	+ added the option to show the table in the tab like in PrestaShop 1.5 (it is useful for 
	  PrestaShop 1.6 only)
	+ added additional CSS classes for icons (fa, fa-plus, fa-minus) of buttons +/- (for 
	  PrestaShop 1.6)
v3.3.0 (2018-04-07)
	+ the filter attributes will now be displayed in columns automatically if they are too many
	+ improved compatibility with first releases of PrestaShop 1.6
	+ fixed problem with scrolling to the table or to the filter block after page reloading (after 
	  'batch adding combinations' button was clicked)
	+ fixed problem: sometimes a thumbnail did not show a custom color
	+ own tooltip script was replaced by jQuery UI Tooltip (it is used by availability indicators)
	+ changed style of 'buy' button for PrestaShop 1.6; now the button is like as in PrestaShop 1.7
	+ different improvements in CSS files
v3.6.0 (2018-05-15)
	+ fixed problem with adding product to the cart when user was log-in in PrestaShop 1.7 (security
      token problem)
	+ fixed problem with +/- buttons in Chrome browser
	+ added the option to select theme template (boilerplate or bootstrap) because of different 
	  problems with styles in PrestaShop 1.7
	+ added sorting by clothes sizes (sorting performing by values of a primary attribute column)
	+ several improvements in the code and in the interface
v3.10.0 (2018-05-22)
	+ added the option to selling a pack of product (with this option now, for example, when a 
	  customer up a product combination quantity then this quantity multiplied by the property of 
	  minimal quantity of this combination)
	+ added sorting of attribute values in the filter block
	+ added sorting by clothes sizes with different forms (new forms: large, tall)
	+ improved user interface in back-office of templates settings
	+ improved template management feature (now, with this feature the module's templates can be 
	  customized without changing code that is suitable for update)
	+ fixed problem in PrestaShop 1.7 with the option "Show appropriate combination image when 
	  clicking on thumbnail": this feature was work all time
	+ updated Russian and French translations
v3.11.0 (2018-06-06)
	+ improved handling of combinations without full set of attributes
	+ several improvements in the code
v3.13.0 (2018-06-22)
	+ added the option to display the block of quantity discounts in the price column
	+ added the option to display additional columns with quantity discount (the feature was always 
	  enabled before)
	+ fixed some problem with displaying of additional columns with quantity discounts: columns did 
	  not appeared at some composition of combinations
	+ fixed the error in the formation of blocks with the values for the filter (when there were the 
	  same values for different attribute groups)
	+ fixed problem: sometimes the total price was cut off
	+ improved the condition of displaying 'batch add to cart' button
v3.14.0 (2018-10-15)
	+ added a specific variable for a Smarty template for creation a condition to display the default
	  combinations block if the table can't be shown
	+ changed JavaScript code for compatibility with old versions of browsers
v3.14.3 (2018-11-17)
	+ improved filtering parameter checks (along with this, a bug with compatibility with PHP 7.2 
	  has been fixed)
	+ a cover image is not displayed in a product without combinations in PrestaShop 1.7
	+ an unnecessary discount calculation was removed at a price equal to zero
v3.14.7 (2018-12-06)
	+ in PrestaShop 1.6 the table was displayed twice for "ProductTab" hook with disabled 
	  "Show in the tab like in PrestaShop 1.5" option
	+ in new versions of PrestaShop 1.7, the global variable "language" was removed from a template, 
	  which could cause an error
	+ fixed a little problem with the detection the template technology
	+ several improvements in the code
v3.14.8 (2019-04-10)
	+ fixed a problem due to which filtering parameters were sometimes not reset (was made after 
	  improving checks of filtering parameters)
v3.14.9 (2019-04-30)
	+ improvement of the price rounding when the quantity of products changes: the type of rounding 
	  is used, which is specified in the settings, but not the rounding by default
v3.14.10 (2019-05-15)
	+ fixed a problem: incorrect sorting of values was performed by a first column in a case when 
	  any other column was hidden
v3.19.0 (2019-07-04)
	+ improved price formatting: now the price format is used in accordance with the site localization, 
	  and a currency symbol is added to the total price of each combination and to the total price 
	  for all combinations
	+ improved calculation of a price of a combination (product) with quantity discounts when 
	  presence of various effects on a discount
	+ improved re-calculation of a discount value to a percentage
	+ now the percentage of a quantity discount can be fractional (relevant for large wholesale of 
	  cheap products)
	+ a special button was made to scroll to the table (needed for easy access to the table from 
	  the top of the page when the table is located at the bottom of the page)
	+ added options for sorting values in columns
	+ added displaying of a tax rate and a note "with tax" in "total" in case a tax is included 
	  for products
	+ incorrectly displayed quantity discounts for products without combinations
	+ now, if a combination has several images, then an image with a minimum position will be 
	  displayed in the table
	+ the total amount displaying now will be hidden when the catalog mode is enabled
v3.19.3 (2019-24-10)
	+ improved styling of the quantity input block for a better support for non-standard themes of
	  PrestaShop 1.7
	+ display of a previous price and a discount percentage is removed in the case when a base price 
	  of the combination is changed (or the price of a combination when selling one unit)
	+ fixed a way to determine whether to display prices with tax or without tax (in the previous 
	  release, the a new method was applied but it is incorrect)
	+ added a caption next to "total", whether prices include a tax and added a caption about a 
	  tax rate
v3.20.0 (2019-11-04)
	+ two buttons were made to automatically set a sort value for each attribute of a column or hide 
	  all attribute columns (the function is useful for setting an initial sort value when there are 
	  dozens of attributes or more on the site)
v3.21.0 (2019-11-05)
	+ a special setting has been added to disable (hide) the form for setting the sort priority for 
	  attribute group columns
	+ fixed automatic setting of sorting values for each attribute (a mistake was made in the 
	  previous release)
v3.21.1 (2020-02-20)
	+ fixed a bug due to which, with a large number of discounts, overriding each other, the column 
	  with the quantity discount could stop displaying
v3.21.2 (2020-03-25)
	+ fixed a bug in calculating a price of a quantity discount that occurred with non-default 
	  currencies (not with a default currency)
v3.21.4 (2020-03-27)
	+ calculation of price by quantity has been improved for the case when a discount price was set 
	  with tax included
	+ a rounding method for a percent has been changed (the usual rounding method was not suitable 
	  for values such as 1.333333%)
v3.21.5 (2020-04-17)
	+ added check for an existence of an attribute in a combination during sorting (thrown a PHP notice,
	  but it did not affect anything)
v3.21.6 (2020-04-29)
	+ improved the support for very old first versions of PrestaShop 1.6
v3.21.7 (2020-05-11)
	+ the styling is slightly improved: the width of a column with a buy button is reduced (for 
	  PrestaShop 1.6 themes); strictly a width of a block with quantity was set (without this, in some 
	  themes for PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7 the block could look incorrectly)
v3.22.0 (2020-05-25)
	+ override class has been made so that PrestaShop uses the same mechanism for calculating prices 
	  by product quantity, as in the module
v3.22.1 (2020-05-25)
	+ removed unnecessary processing when sorting by product fields such as article, weight, stock 
	  balance, price (processing was done by mistake and could lead to incorrect sorting if there were 
	  incorrect combinations - those that have an incomplete set of attributes; there shouldn't be such 
	  combinations at all, but sellers make them by mistake or ignorance, and PrestaShop allows such 
v3.22.2 (2020-06-26)
	+ fixed sorting problem (sometimes appeared in some PHP versions when setting up sorting with a 
	  simple string comparison algorithm)
v3.23.0 (2020-10-02)
	+ added horizontal scrolling for the table for mobile screens when the table does not fit a 
	  screen width
	+ a maximum width of the button for purchase is set, since in non-default themes this button 
	  sometimes looks incorrect (becomes wider than it should be)
	+ now a price calculation takes into account the group discount, which is specified in a group 
	  settings (before that, only a group discount was taken into account, which is specified in 
	  a specific price); both types of group discount are compatible with each other and can be 
	  used simultaneously
v3.24.0 (2020-11-04)
	+ improved theme support: scrolling to tab might not work when viewed from a smartphone and using a 
	  custom theme in PrestaShop 1.7 (checked in the Warehouse theme)
v3.25.0 (2021-09-14)
	+ fixed a bug that was not always observed: sometimes a reduced price (crossed out price from the
	  price column) could be displayed incorrectly or not at all
	+ returned an accidentally deleted translation of one sentence
	+ updated dependencies and a client code
v3.25.1 (2022-01-13)
	+ in PrestaShop 1.7 the line break tag was escaped in a column with a list of suppliers references;
	  and also removed a line break after the last supplier's reference in a list, because redurant
v3.25.3 (2023-03-16)
	+ changed the way of refreshing a page after batch adding products to the cart (because earlier, 
	  in rare cases, with some web server configurations, the page could be completely reloaded with 
	  all resources)
	+ fixed shortcomings of the special function for disabling forms (setting sorting priority for 
	  columns of attribute groups and the filter settings)
v3.26.0 (2023-05-12)
	+ the special function for disabling forms (setting sort priority for columns of attribute groups
	  and the filter settings) has been converted to an option and improvements have been made related
	  to this
	+ added option to enable all attributes at once in the filter block (for convenience when there 
	  are a lot of attributes)
	+ minor improvements to tooltips in the module settings forms
v3.27.0 (2023-06-01)
	+ the button for bulk buy of products is now hidden if "Available for order" option is unchecked
	  for a product
	+ added corresponding changes to the templates for PrestaShop 1.6, which were not made in some
	  previous releases that were made in the templates for PrestaShop 1.7 (were omitted by mistake)
	  and made some improvements in the templates code
	+ some tooltips in module settings have been rewritten to be more understandable
	+ in PrestaShop 8 it was impossible to select a template for the table (as of this fix, the module
	  is fully compatible with PrestaShop 8; for PrestaShop 1.7 and 8 the same template, CSS and JS are
	  used because at the moment there is no difference in the theme markup for these versions)
	+ fixed redirect to the cart page for PrestaShop 1.7 or newer (instead, there was a redirect to
	  the order page when "Redirect to the cart after adding products" option was enabled)
3.27.1 (2023-10-05)
	+ fixed a sorting of the table columns (now sorting is correctly done either according to the 
	  specified settings in the module, or by a position of an attribute specified in the list of 
	  attributes in the back-office)
3.27.3 (2023-12-09)
	+ improved multishop support
	+ minor improvements to optimize performance
	+ added module compatibility check with PrestaShop version, which is run when installing the module