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For developers

Vendor account registration

Click on the link to register as a vendor.

Benefits of placing components and services on our marketplace

  1. Low cost for placing paid components and services - we take a 5% commission on each sale (no hidden fees, no paid services).
  2. You can post free components, while this service is offered free of charge.
  3. You will receive marketplace tools - analytics for your components and services; feedback for conducting correspondence with clients and guests; other various possibilities that help in professional activity (for example, informing the client about your working hours and working days, detailed guidance and tips in your personal account on filling out data about your component or service, a personal page with a beautiful address with a list of your products and information about you, etc.).
  4. Loyal customers and targeted audiences from all over the world will help you increase sales and brand awareness of your products and you as a vendor.
  5. We doing the arbitrage under a license agreement so that the vendor's rights, as well as the buyer's rights, are respected. That is, we carefully study reviews from buyers, moderate them, and participate in resolving disputes. For example: we remove non-constructive reviews that are aimed at causing offense or any kind of harm to the vendor, instead of giving substantive feedback or notifying other buyers about our reliable user experience; we make a refund of payment to the buyer if the vendor violated the rules of the license agreement regarding the provision of technical support; we block the accounts of vendors or buyers in case of serious violations not only of the rules of the marketplace, but also of the accepted norms in a normal society.

Requirements for a vendor and rules for placing components (services)

  1. Any PrestaShop components (modules, themes) and utilities (scripts), as well as services (including those not related only to PrestaShop - various audits, content management, internet marketing, etc.) are accepted for placement.
  2. Providing technical support to the purchaser of components and services.
  3. Fulfillment of obligations to the buyer, which are listed in the license agreement.

Withdrawal of funds

  1. The income received from the sale of the product is transferred to the vendor's internal account minus 5% commission. Withdrawal of money occurs on request from the vendor through the personal account.
  2. For a vendor registered for less than six months, a verification period is in effect - withdrawals are made 28 working days after the withdrawal request. During this period, the vendor should not have a "debt" to its customers in terms of providing support. After the expiration of six months, payments are made at the end of each month after the withdrawal request.
  3. In the personal account, the vendor is provided with two internal accounts - one for receiving money from the sales in rubles, and the second - for receiving money from the sales in euros. The minimum withdrawal amount is 150 rubles or 2 euro. The withdrawal of the earned amount is made in rubles to YooMoney, and in euros - to Payeer. Another withdrawal method is possible - by individual agreement with the vendor.


  1. The organizers of this site reserve the right to change the current terms and conditions without prior notice.
  2. The organizers of this site exercise control over the information posted by users, however, if you notice a violation, please let us know.
  3. The organizers of this site are extremely negative about copyright infringement. Therefore, if you are the copyright holder, and your rights are violated in one way or another using this site, we ask you to immediately report this through the feedback form with the administration. In the message, it is necessary to provide any kind of fact confirming the existence of rights to the declared content. The text of the message must contain a full description of the essence of the violation of rights (why the dissemination of this information is prohibited by the Copyright Holder).

Revised: July 4, 2022.