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Rules for the placement of modules and templates

Are common

  1. Any additions to PrestaShop that do not violate the copyright (modules, templates) and utilities (scripts) are accepted for placement.
  2. Technical support for add-ons is provided by their authors.
  3. The organizers of this site are not responsible for the content of the add-on.
  4. The organizers of this site reserve the right to change the current conditions.

Schedule placement supplements

  1. All add-ons should be packed in a zip-archive; The archive should contain a user manual.
  2. Additions are posted on this site under one of the described license. In addition, it is forbidden to include encrypted code, except for modules under the license “Proprietary license with copy protection”.
  3. Provision of both an existing service on the site and a new service (a new type of service must be agreed upon). The services do not have to be PrestaShop, for example, all site services are acceptable - various audits, content management, internet marketing, etc.

Sales regulations

  1. Profits received from the sale of the supplement are transferred to the seller’s internal account minus a commission of 15%.
  2. Provide after-sales support. After-sale obligations of the author to the purchaser of the add-on (service) are listed in the license agreement.

Withdrawal of funds

  1. The withdrawal of money takes place on request from the author of the add-on through a personal account.
  2. Processing of the application for withdrawal of money received from the sale of the supplement is made within 28 working days from the date of a sale.
  3. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 euros at the rate of this site.
  4. The withdrawal of the earned amount in rubles is made on the add-on author's wallet QIWI or Yandex, and in euros to the PayPal account.

Copyright Holders

The Organizers of this site exercise control over the information posted by users, but physically cannot keep track of all user posts. Therefore, the Organizers of this site are not responsible for the information posted by users on the site in full. If you notice a violation, please let us know. At the same time, the Organizers of this site have a very negative attitude towards copyright infringement. Therefore, if you are a copyright holder of exclusive rights, and your rights are violated in one way or another using this website, we ask you to immediately inform about it through the feedback form. The message must include a link to a scan of a document confirming the copyright on the claimed supplement (copyright patents / certificates) or otherwise confirm the rights. The text of the message should contain a full description of the essence of the violation of rights (why distribution of this information is prohibited by the Rights Holder).

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Revised: November 10, 2020.