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Improve your online store by modules, get services and the support

This is a project related to PrestaShop CMS. Here you can buy or download free modules, to order a service or to hire for a development. Ask our partners to develop a module for PrestaShop 1.7, 1.6 or to support a module for PrestaShop 1.5, 1.4, 1.3.

Viewing product combinations in a table
Displays combinations with different prices in a table. Intended for wholesale and regular buyers. Increases the average cart value and encourage visitors to complete orders.
39,99 €
«Grid» for «Viewing product combinations in a table» module
The template for the module, designed to display in the form of a grid of combinations that are made by two attributes, for example, size and color.
39,99 €
Sort products in-stock first
Moves unavailable (out-of-stock) products to the end of product lists regardless of sorting: product pages and blocks.
39,99 €
E-Mails templates editor
Easy editor of all E-mail templates of your shop. It helps you change and create individual style.
24,99 €
RoboKassa payment
Accept payments by bank cards, online banking, e-money, mobile operators and instant payment terminals.
24,99 €
PrestaShop data exchange with 1C:Enterprise
Integrates PrestaShop with «1C:Enterprise 8» to enable a data exchange between these systems (products, orders, etc).
399,99 €
Delete language prefix
The module removes language prefixes for the default language of your store.
11,99 €
Product combination features CombiFeatures
This module allows you to assign a different name, short/full description and features for each combination of product in the store individually.
27,99 €
Extended Affiliate Program RefPRO
The Professional Affiliate Program module allows you to organize a classical multi-level affiliate program and loyalty program in the store.
69,99 €
User internal balance UserBalance
With this module, store customers can fill up in advance personal account and immediately pay from it all purchases in the store.
29,99 €
Adding products by users Pro
With this module, any customer can become a seller and offer his/her products to sell in your store.
57,99 €
Duplicate order
The module allows you to duplicate any order of the store in two clicks, with the possibility of editing it in the process.
9,99 €
Product price range (max and min prices)
The module displays a price range for each product in different pages.
24,99 €
Automated currency switch
Provides an automated currency change and displays additional prices of product in different currencies near the price in a default currency.
24,99 €
Editing currency settings for PrestaShop 1.7
The module allows you to configure the basic currency settings in PrestaShop 1.7.
9,99 €
Atom SEO Pack Generator - generator of SEO content
Unique tool for automatic generation: short description, description, meta-title, meta-description, meta-keywords for products.
39,99 €
Product features icons
The module allows you to visualize the properties (features) of the product, by adding an individual icon to each property.
10,99 €
Category export/import
The module allows one-click export/import of all categories of the store for editing.
8,99 €
Price on request
With this module, the client can agree on a reasonable price for the goods of the store with the administrator.
9,99 €
Template and style editor of any module and theme
Edit templates and styles of all your modules and themes right from the admin panel.
24,99 €
HrefLang - localized versions of pages
This module helps search crawlers correctly recognize the store pages, translated to different languages.
8,99 €
Call back to customer
Capture customers you may lost when employees are busy or a work day is over. Let them order a free call back.
24,99 €
One working hour of PrestaShop programmer [by Zapalm, 1 hour]
One working hour of professional programmer of PrestaShop. Performer: Zapalm. Hour rate: 25,99 €. Limit on the time of service: no more than 1 hour .
25,99 €
PrestaShop upgrade to newest 1.6, 1.7 [by Zapalm, 4 hours]
Upgrade PrestaShop 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 or oldest to newest PrestaShop 1.6, 1.7. Performer: Zapalm. Hour rate: 25,99 € . Limit on the time of service: no more than 4 hours .
103,99 €
Installing PrestaShop [by Sharo Ltd., 3 hour]
Installing PrestaShop on the hosting offered by you or recommended by us. Performer: Sharo Ltd. Hour rate: 22,99 €. Limit on service execution time: no more than 3 hours.
68,99 €
Installing PrestaShop [by Zapalm, 1 hour]
Installing PrestaShop on the hosting offered by you or recommended by us. Performer: Zapalm. Hour rate: 25,99 €. Limit on service execution time: no more than 1 hour .
25,99 €
This is a theme with a clean and neat design, that built with the modern e-commerce tendencies and best SEO practices in mind.
Addorn Fashion
This is a responsive theme with a clean design, that best for a fashion shop.
Etrend Lite
This is an unique and optimized theme for online shops, that comes with a beautiful and modern user interface.
Categories on the homepage
Highlight categories on homepage to make featured categories of your store.
JavaScript code addition helper
Adds any JavaScript code, for example, analytic counter, advertisement or other script (HTML code is also can be added).
Pre-order form
Allows to display the pre-order form for a product that is out of stock.
PrestaShop password recovery tool
Easy to use tool for employee password recovery with no knowledge required about database and programming.
Security vulnerability checker
The library and the tool to check PrestaShop for known vulnerabilities.
Tool against directory traversal security vulnerability
PHP auto indexer: the tool against directory traversal (observing) security vulnerability. It recursively adds a index.php file in all given directories.
Delivery by Boxberry
Adds Boxberry delivery method for regions of Russia. This module only for Russia.