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Viewing product combinations in a table

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Short description

Allows to display combinations of a product as a table. In so doing each column corresponds to an attribute (for example: color, size, material). The module also allows to filter combinations by attributes. The table is displayed on the product page.

The benefits for customers

The module presents information about product combinations in a more comfortable way because the table is one of the best ways to structure the data. This approach allows a customer to better perceive the information about product.

The benefits for merchants

The same as for clients. For example, a content manager may much easier to verify the correctness of the information contributed by after making changes to a product.

The module is suitable for all online stores with products that have many combinations (variations), as well as for the stores that are deal with the wholesalers.


The module has a normal installation (one click to install) and it is easy to configure. There is a manual for expert's features.


  • You may to set or to unset different columns for the table (for example: reference, price, weight, color).
  • You may to set extra columns for the table (expert's feature).
  • A customer may to filter combinations of a product by attributes (for example: by color, by size).
  • A customer may add to the cart several different combinations of the same product by one button (wholesaler’s feature).
  • You may to apply different templates to the table and to the filter's block (templates management feature). The distribution includes three templates - two for the filter’s block and one for the table.
  • You may to set places where you want to place the table and the filter’s block (hooks management feature).
  • You may to sort columns of attributes or you may to hide some of them.
  • You may to enable the block of product availability indicators that is intended to explain which of the combinations are available for purchase (when combination is in-stock, out-of-stock or back-ordering is allowed).
  • You may to configure when and how to display the table (for example: do not show the table if there are no combinations; hide combinations with an incomplete set of attributes).
  • And other options (see screenshot of the settings page).


Available hooks:

  • Product Footer
  • Product Tab
  • Extra Right
  • Extra Left
  • Content Product (custom hook)


Website demo (v2.9.9).

Demo video clip (v2.5.0):


Forums: english, french, spanish

Data sheet

  • Support Prestashop versions: 1.3.x - 1.6.x
  • Installation: normal
  • Core modifications: no
  • Including documentation: yes
  • Module version: 2.9.12 (2017-11-05)
  • License: Proprietary license with copy-protection

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v0.9.0 (2010-10-31)
	+ the first release of the module for PS 1.2-1.3
v1.4.8 (2012-11-25)
	+ new column: supplier reference
	+ some code improvements
v1.4.9 (2012-12-16)
	+ the "Product price" column with tax inc. was not shows for a product without combinations
v2.0.0 (2012-12-18)
	+ a filter by attributes was added
	+ new column: "Product preview image" and preview feature in a pop-up window
	+ group attributes columns now may be set to hide
	+ adding PS 1.5 support
v2.1.0 (2013-01-10)
	+ adding hook settings
	+ problem with translation sending feature was fixed
	+ some code improvements
v2.2.0 (2013-10-30)
	+ fixed a problem with product availability indicators in PS 1.5
	+ make changes to hide some table columns if a product is not available for order and if
	  product's "Show price" option is inactive
	+ small changes in translations and CSS files
v2.2.1 (2013-01-09)
	+ attribute group name was replaced by attribute group public name to display in the table
v2.3.0 (2014-02-15)
	+ added an option to disallow displaying a product combination when it is out of stock
	+ added an option to show only a part of product's combinations with initial filtering
	+ added sorting feature for filtering attributes on a product page
	+ slightly improved user interface of module's settings page
	+ small changes in the module's translations
	+ multiple small changes in the code to improve it
v2.4.0 (2014-04-20)
	+ excluding PS 1.2 support
	+ adding PS 1.6 support
	+ some code improvements
	+ some improvements in the user interface
	+ small changes in the module's translations
v2.4.1 (2014-08-22)
	+ fixed a problem: a pop-up window for previewing images was not shows (PS 1.6)
	+ fixed a problem: thumbnails for images are not shows after click to a specific
	+ specific improvements for a better support PS 1.6 and it's bootstrap
v2.5.0 (2014-09-01)
	+ new option (for a wholesaler): batch mode for adding product combinations to the cart
	+ new option (for experts): display data fields from data base tables as columns in the
	  table of product combinations
	+ new options for columns: EAN13 and UPC
	+ new option: managing module's templates
	+ new option: hide combinations that do not have a full set of attributes
	+ new option: enable/disable ajax feature to add products to the cart
	+ multiple changes in the code to improve it
	+ now is not need to change ajax-cart.js file to enable ajax feature for adding products
	  to the cart
	+ some improvements in the user interface of front-office and back-office
	+ changed a set of files of the module
	+ some changes in the module's translations
v2.5.1 (2014-10-01)
	+ modified a set of styles to aid of customizing
	+ small changes in the module's work styling
	+ documentation of style set
	+ some changes in the module's translations
v2.6.0 (2014-11-05)
	+ new option: do not display if a customer using a mobile or/and tablet
	+ some changes in the module's translations
v2.6.1 (2014-11-28)
	+ fixed a problem: can not add products to the cart when the batch mode is enabled for a
	  guest customer
v2.6.2 (2015-01-24)
	+ some changes in the module's setting (subscription to news)
v2.7.0 (2015-02-01)
	+ new option: added a new option to "Hook usings" setting; to install a new custom hook
	  (ContentProduct) added the instruction to the manual
v2.7.1 (2015-02-21)
	+ some code improvements
v2.7.2 (2015-02-24)
	+ table style detection for a different PS versions
v2.7.3 (2015-03-01)
	+ module's directory structure was changed
	+ 'backward compatibility' submodule was updated
	+ some code improvements
v2.7.4 (2015-03-15)
	+ multiple changes in files to improve a code
	+ some changes in the module's translations
v2.7.5 (2015-03-19)	
	+ fixed a validation problem when batch mode is used
	+ fixed a problem with 'add to cart' link generation when 'Friendly URL' is used
v2.8.0 (2015-03-26)
	+ new option: added a new option to "Hook usings" setting - ProductTab
v2.8.1 (2015-04-03)
	+ fixed a problem in PS1.5-1.6 with displaying a supplier reference
	+ if there are several supplier for a one combination then all references will be shown
	  in the column
v2.8.2 (2015-08-04)
	+ fixed a problem in PS1.5-1.6 with displaying message about discount like
	  "One unit quantity price lowered by 0,00 €"
	+ added highlighting for a price with discount of a combination
v2.9.0 (2015-09-23)
	+ new option: show product prices and discount in the same column
	+ the message about discount "One unit quantity price lowered by X €" now is displaying
	  only for a product without combinations
v2.9.1 (2016-05-14)
	+ sql-query optimization for getting suppliers references
	+ sql-query optimization for getting reduction amount
v2.9.5 (2016-11-17)
	+ added a new option to set default values for the filter attributes
	+ removed message about discount "One unit quantity price lowered by X €"
	+ added two options to show or not a previous price and a discount amount; both previous
	  price and discount amount now are always display in the same column with current price
	+ added css-files both for PrestaShop bootstrap (1.6) and PrestaShop non-bootstrap (1.3-1.5);
	  improved style of quantity choose block (only PrestaShop 1.6)
	+ added selector of languages to send translation
v2.9.6 (2017-01-15)
	+ fixed problem with the table displaying in the product tab (PrestaShop 1.6).
	+ added a new option to configure redirection after batch adding products.
	+ updated translation
	+ some code improvements
v2.9.9 (2017-05-21)
	+ new option: enable/disable feature to show appropriate combination image when clicking on
	  thumbnail (earlier it was impossible to disable)
	+ improved client-side validation of product quantity when a customer clicks buttons +/- or
	  when input quantity manually to appropriate field; also with this the maximum quantity
	  always be the in-stock quantity (except when ordiring out of stock products is allowed)
	+ improved server-side validation of product quantity when the module option "batch mode"
	  is enabled; with this the module adds maximum product quantity if a customer input more
	  than in-stock quantity (except when ordiring out of stock products is allowed) and the
	  module adds minimum quantity if a customer input less than minimum quantity required by
	  a product or a combination
	+ improved sql-query for getting product combinations remains when multi-shop is enabled
	+ updated Italian translation (partially)
	+ reformatted PHP-code to PSR 1/2
v2.9.10 (2017-09-24)
	+ improvement: a buy button and a quantity input field will be hidden when catalog mode is activated
v2.9.11 (2017-10-12)
	+ added the main image for a product without combinations; there was the image "No picture"
v2.9.12 (2017-11-05)
	+ now images for combinations displays with accordance of images sorting positions
	+ sql-query optimization for getting combinations