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ThirtyBees modules and services

Modules and services for ThirtyBees CMS.

PrestaShop data exchange with 1C:Enterprise
Integrates PrestaShop with «1C:Enterprise 8» to enable data exchange between these systems (products, orders, etc).
249,99 €
Delivery by PickPoint
Adds PickPoint delivery method for regions of Russia.
24,99 €
Call back to customer
Capture customers you may lost when employees are busy or a work day is over. Let them order a free call back.
24,99 €
Mailing newsletter
Newsletter mailer and Abandoned cart reminder.
24,99 €
Delivery by Boxberry
Adds Boxberry delivery method for regions of Russia.
39,99 €
JivoChat - more than Live Chat
Turn your website visitors into paying customers with JivoChat. Integrations with other popular apps and more!
14,99 €
Security vulnerability checker
The library and the tool to check PrestaShop for vulnerabilities.
Categories on the homepage
Highlight categories on homepage to make featured categories of your store.
Custom contents
Adds a custom text to different places of a site (homepage, category pages).
JavaScript code addition helper
Adds any JavaScript code, for example, analytic counter, advertisement or other script (HTML code is also can be added).
PrestaShop password recovery tool
Easy to use tool for employee password recovery with no knowledge required about database and programming.