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Module One Page Checkout
for PrestaShop 1.7

Convenient ordering allows you to place the entire steps of standard design on one page.
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One Page Checkout for PrestaShop 1.7
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Short description

The experience of using the online store shows that about 30% of customers do not complete the order because of the complexity of the registration process. Not wanting to waste their time, many prefer to leave the site or take advantage of a quick order adding to the managers additional load when processing the order.

Benefits for customers

The buyer fills in the required information and sees all the ways of delivery, payment and the cherished "Order" button.

Benefits for merchants

Reduces the number of abandoned baskets and increases the loyalty of shoppers.


Installation is common, using the option to load the module in the back office of the store. Setting up shouldn't be difficult.


Order on one page

The ability to add customers to one group of ordering on the module page

Guest purchase supported

The ability to autocomplete address fields using Google API

Auto-generating a customer's password at his request

Show/hide form fields and the obligatory filling them

Rocking the mould fields

Set up images and descriptions in delivery and payment forms


The module uses override, make sure they are allowed on your website. Minimum compatible version of PrestaShop If your site already uses the same override as in this module and you can't install the module properly contact me for feedback.


Website demo (v1.0.5).

Website demo (back-office):
Password: demodemo

Data sheet

  • PrestaShop compatibility: 1.7
  • Installation: normal
  • Uses PrestaShop classes override system: yes
  • Core modifications: no
  • Including documentation: no
  • Version: 1.0.6
  • License: Proprietary license without copy-protection
  • Product type: Module
  • ThirtyBees compatibility: Not tested

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v1.0.5 (2019-08-31)
          + the first release of the module for PrestaShop 1.7
v1.0.6 (2019-12-25)
          + Fixed module compatibility with PHP 7.2