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Quick order for PrestaShop 1.7

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Quick order for PrestaShop 1.7
Recently developed!


Short description

The module adds a quick order button in the shopping cart and on the item card with the opening form of a simple checkout in one click and automatic registration of the customer.

Benefits for customers

Encourage visitors to complete purchases

Benefits for merchants

Customer loyalty to the store. Reduction of failures.


Standard installation - download the module archive via the administrator panel. For the module to work, you must install a free or paid carrier with a fixed price that must be selected as the default delivery. To display carriers in the module, select the shipping speed in the carrier settings and specify this speed in the module settings.


Increase conversion by implementing a simple express order.

With this module you allow your customers to make instant purchases without clicking on the countless "continue" buttons of the standard verification procedure. All purchases through the module fall into the standard section of shop orders with the status "Quick Order ". The store administrator can customize the required fields on the form to checkout.

Available settings:

  • Text message editor for clients
  • button display switch on item page
  • Email Field Display switch
  • First and last Name field display switch
  • Zip Code field Display switch
  • City Field Display switch
  • Address field Display switch
  • Phone Field Display switch
  • button display switch for authorized customers
  • Delivery mode selector switch
  • Selection of delivery speed (for displaying in the form of the necessary carriers)
  • The option to show the order form on the item card or in the Recycle Bin
  • Choose a button color
  • Quick Order button Positioning switch next to the simple order button (optional, only for Classic template)


Data sheet

  • PrestaShop compatibility: 1.7
  • Installation: normal
  • Uses PrestaShop classes override system: no
  • Core modifications: no
  • Including documentation: no
  • Module version: 1.6.8
  • License: Proprietary license without copy-protection

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v1.6.5 (2018-11-10)
	+ The first release of the module posted on this site
v1.6.8 (2018-11-20)
	+ All fields of the form are filled in for the authorized user.
        +The option to automatically authorize the client after the first order has appeared.